Bernarda Nibera Conič, known professionally as Nibera, is an interdisciplinary visual artist who holds a Master’s degree in Visual Communication Design. As a freelance artist, she provides custom artwork, graphic design, and animation services globally and remotely online, from her base in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Her artistic versatility spans various forms of visual art, including fine art photography, illustration, graphic design, and animation. One of Nibera’s most noteworthy attributes is her ability to blend analog and digital techniques, which gives her artwork a distinct retro aesthetic. Her artwork has been exhibited globally, with installations and public art displays featured in galleries across the United States, Australia, Portugal, and Canada, among others.

While Nibera’s artwork is often featured in exhibitions and publications, she also offers licensing options for those seeking to use her artwork for commercial purposes. Art lovers can purchase prints of her work, which can be a great addition to home decor. In addition to her custom artwork, Nibera is an accomplished graphic designer who has created over 250 cover art designs and album cover art for international musicians and publishers.

If you are interested in working with Nibera or would like to learn more about her work, please email her at



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