Nibera’s Poster Design Services Offer:

  1. A4 POSTER [BASIC] package:
    • 1x Print-ready A4 poster
    • Custom graphics
    • One revision
  2. A3 POSTER [STANDARD] package:
    • 1x Print-ready A3 poster
    • Custom graphics
    • Three revisions
    • Social media kit
  3. 3x POSTER BUNDLE [PREMIUM] package:
    • Three customizable posters
    • Three revisions per poster
    • Social media kit
    • Source file
    • Custom graphics
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Choose from three distinct packages to create the perfect visual representation:

A4 POSTER [BASIC]: Capture attention with a professionally designed A4 poster, optimized for printing. Nibera provides a print-ready poster with custom graphics, measuring 2480x3508px. To ensure your complete satisfaction, one revision is included to refine the design according to your preferences.

A3 POSTER [STANDARD]: Take your poster to the next level with the A3 POSTER [STANDARD] package. Nibera offers a print-ready A3 poster with custom graphics, measuring 3508x4961px. With three revisions included, you can be confident that every detail meets your expectations. Additionally, you will receive a social media kit to amplify your poster’s impact, along with exclusive additional custom graphics.

3x POSTER BUNDLE [PREMIUM]: For those seeking versatility and variety, Nibera’s 3x POSTER BUNDLE package provides exceptional value. You’ll receive three distinct posters, each print-ready and fully customizable to fit any paper dimensions you desire. This package includes three revisions for each poster, ensuring that every design element is perfected. Nibera also provides you with a social media kit to enhance your online presence and maximize the reach of your posters. As an added bonus, you will receive the source file, enabling you to make future modifications effortlessly. Finally, exclusive custom graphics are included to elevate the visual impact of your posters.


  • BASIC PACK / 7 working DAYS
  • STANDARD PACK / 14 working DAYS
  • PREMIUM PACK / 20 working DAYS

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Size Chart

BASIC PACK: 2480x3508px STANDARD PACK: 3508x4961px PREMIUM PACK: optional dimensions