Discover Nibera’s affordable and professional cover art service with quick turnaround times. Choose from a range of customizable artwork options, including personalized artist names and album titles. Modifications like element changes, color adjustments, and scaling are available.

All delivered work is licensed for commercial use, perfect for digital platforms, physical media, and promotions.


  • Basic: 1 artwork license, 1 title, 1 modification
  • Standard: 1 artwork license, 3 title options, 3 modifications
  • Premium: 3 artwork licenses, 3 titles, 3 modifications
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Introducing an affordable and professional cover art service with a quick turnaround time and simple requirements. This service offers a diverse range of artwork options for you to choose from, ensuring that you find the perfect fit for your needs. The selected artwork will then be customized to meet your specific requirements, incorporating your artist name and album title seamlessly into the cover art.

You have the flexibility to request various modifications to the original artwork, including the ability to move, remove, or add elements, make color or texture changes, adjust the scale or dimensions, and more. This ensures that the final cover art aligns perfectly with your vision.

It’s important to note that this gig exclusively provides pre-existing artwork for modification and does not offer custom-made artwork from scratch. However, if you require a custom cover artwork designed specifically for your project, you can easily book the custom cover artwork gig by visiting the following link: https://www.nibera.eu/product/custom-cover-artwork/

To assist you in making the best choice for your project, we invite you to review the PDF catalog featuring all available art options. You can access the catalog at PDF CATALOG. This catalog will allow you to browse through the available artwork and select the option that best suits your preferences.

Furthermore, we are pleased to inform you that all the delivered work is licensed for commercial use. You can confidently utilize the cover art across various platforms, including digital streaming services, physical media, and promotional materials.


  • Basic: 1 artwork license, 1 title, 1 modification
  • Standard: 1 artwork license, 3 title options, 3 modifications
  • Premium: 3 artwork licenses, 3 titles, 3 modifications


  • BASIC PACK / 2 working DAYS
  • STANDARD PACK / 3 working DAYS
  • PREMIUM PACK / 5 working DAYS

** Nibera’s cover art service is exclusively tailored for freelance musicians who are not affiliated with a music label. Please note that this service is not available for businesses. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

IMPORTANT: Please be advised that this order is exclusively tailored for musicians. If you represent a business entity, kindly note that this particular order option is not applicable. Instead, we kindly request that you reach out to Nibera by sending an email to info@nibera.eu, where you can provide a comprehensive description of your business, including your intentions and proposed utilization of a custom artwork. This will enable us to assess and discuss alternative options that are more suitable for your specific business requirements. We value your understanding and cooperation in this matter and look forward to assisting you further.

LICENSE: By placing this order, you will receive a commercial license for the pre-made artwork that has been thoughtfully modified exclusively for your use. This commercial license grants you the necessary rights and permissions to utilize the artwork for commercial purposes, ensuring that you can incorporate it into your business ventures and promotional activities.

With this commercial license, you gain the assurance that the artwork is legally authorized for commercial exploitation. You have the freedom to showcase and promote the modified artwork across various platforms, such as websites, social media, marketing materials, and product packaging, in order to enhance your brand presence and captivate your target audience.

This valuable commercial license not only enables you to leverage the aesthetic appeal of the artwork but also allows you to establish a unique visual identity for your business. It provides you with a competitive edge, enabling you to stand out in the marketplace and effectively communicate your brand message.

Moreover, this commercial license ensures that you are compliant with intellectual property regulations, safeguarding you from any legal repercussions. It serves as a testament to the authenticity and legitimacy of your usage, demonstrating your commitment to ethical and lawful practices in the business realm.

By securing this commercial license for the modified artwork, you are investing in a valuable asset that can significantly contribute to the growth and success of your business. It is a testament to your dedication to quality and professionalism, empowering you to create a lasting impression on your customers and stakeholders.

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