“The 35mm Film Photography Manual: Beginner’s Guide” is a concise book that provides an introduction to the world of analog photography. The guide covers the basics of film cameras, how to choose the right camera and film, and techniques for shooting and developing film. The manual also includes tips for achieving different effects with your photos and how to scan and digitalize your film.

Throughout the guide, the author emphasizes the unique qualities of analog photography, such as its ability to capture a more authentic and organic image. The book is intended for beginners who are interested in exploring the world of analog photography but may be intimidated by the complexity of film photography.

Overall, “The 35mm Film Photography Manual: Beginner’s Guide” provides a helpful introduction to the world of analog photography, with practical tips and advice for those just starting out.


This concise and cohesive 35mm film photography manual is perfect for beginners who are interested in starting with analog photography. Its straightforward approach provides essential information without overwhelming the reader with unnecessary details. As a result, photography beginners will not lose interest due to information overload. With this guide, you will learn just enough to get started without feeling overwhelmed.

This e-book on film photography presents the essential basics of photography in an easy-to-read and understandable format. You will learn how to set the correct exposure and adjust aperture and shutter speed according to the ISO of the film. Additionally, the handbook includes a film stock cheatsheet to assist you in selecting the appropriate film. Basic composition rules with graphic visual examples are introduced to beginners, and practical steps to start with film photography are provided. The author also shares some of her secret tips and tricks for shooting film.


Table of contents:

  • the main difference between film and digital photography
  • grain
  • colors
  • understanding exposure
  • exposure triangle
  • aperture
  • depth of field
  • shutter speed
  • blur factor
  • ISO / ASA
  • grain factor
  • film stocks cheatsheet
  • essential composition tools
  • rule of thirds
  • golden ratio
  • lines
  • orientation
  • how to start with film photography
  • choosing a film camera
  • selecting a film stock
  • film loading
  • shooting
  • film unloading
  • processing
  • digitalization
  • tips & tricks
  • develop your own unique style
  • experiment with different film stocks
  • try some of the film manipulation techniques
  • keep an eye on the shutter speed
  • the airport catastrophe
  • use a light-meter app
  • It’s better to underexpose than overexpose
  • keep the camera back door closed

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