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During the research of the role, purpose and sacrificing of animal lives in the fashion industry, i have come to discover some interesting new questions and information. I focused this project on the research of the problem of declining animal species, hunting and killing of animals for fashion industry. I have chosen to search for the answers and solutions to this kind of problems through visual-artistic language. I have been researching contestability and cruelty of the fur production background and I have strived to present alternative methods of imaging animals on clothes. I focused on the technology of digital printing, with which i am answering the following question »how can we wear animals without killing?« in the expremental part on the present work. The main hero of my story is the deer, because it is majestic and the species is not getting the respect to be enabled a safe living environment; hunters are killing them for hobby, sport – as a trophies. The deer is a part of the wild life in slovenian woods, which simbolizes indestructible and regenerating nature. One of the purposes of this project is the researching of the connection of photography, textile, fashion and graphic design. In the experimental part of the project, i connected several different areas of expertise and knowledge. I designed contemporary collection of patterns, for which I drew inspiration from my own original photographs of the deer. For the physical realization of the patterns I used the digital printing technique and I have embeded them into the spring collection of clothes, dedicated to youngsters and young women. With the purpose of raising the awareness for people about the respect for animals and for more harmonic coexistence of humans and animals, I designed six posters which are enriched with slogans. The goal of the project was to combine ​different skills and design branches in order to give a quality final visual message.